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[TTT] [TTT] Donator weapons
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What is it?:
I am not suggesting that a new weapon is added for donators only but what I am suggesting is that people who donate have a few options for items they could equip for the crowbar to make it different from just the lighsabers we have.

Why it should be added: I think a few more items should be added for people that donate to choose from instead of just the lightsabers because it will make make it a little bit for cooler having a different option just from the lightsabers or standard crowbar. 

Crowbars: Here.  Not all of them have to be added and it doesn't even have to be those specific crowbar remakes but that is just there to give people an idea of what I'm talking bout.
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+1 There needs to be more melee donator weapons because the 3 there are, are just lightsabers with different colours, Its a bit bland.
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I see this as an uneccesary use of file size for something that's nothing more than visual.
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+1 Because everyone likes variety and it's good to reward people
Seems pretty good, but I personally like the RWBY Crescent Rose as a good crowbar replacement, it looks cool, is like 0.5mb and yea. Just so you know, I've never watched the show, only trailers.

Overall, I'd like new crowbar replacements for donators, maybe a little more variety, but it isn't really that big of a deal, so I dunno if it would be worth it.
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(12-01-2017, 09:20 AM)Smallo Wrote: I see this as an uneccesary use of file size for something that's nothing more than visual.

I agree although yes it would be nice to get something different for donators I agree with Smallo, it is not a thing that is needed it just looks cool thus is a waste of space.
Old name: RapidPunch
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If it is added what donator rank would they be for? All donators or only Plat?
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maybe just add one or two small things, like micro's axe or something instead of all of them. Would give more incentive to buy vip. +1
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