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[FORUMS] Reputation Level Suggestions?
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Hey All,

As the wise young man Acidic has brought up, the highest reputation levels are a bit shit. I didn't anticipate people would gain rep as fast as they have.

So if you have any suggestions for some appropriate names or changes to our current system let loose!

Here's the levels for reference:
[Image: 6nWnX7W.png]
[Image: UNvIhf2.png]
Two Medium Gold Stars
Gecko can be the highest one
[Image: cYhMf3O.jpg]
Four Small Silver Stars
One that I feel should be changed is godship
[Image: AcDe4x8.gif]
One Medium Silver Star
That is a lot of nazi references, I mean I know you guys are all like 15 but it's a bit much
[Image: FpWqUFa.gif]
One Small Silver Star
We should add a rank below weeaboo called "Furry" and get Jesse to it.
[Image: qLH6AdS.png]
Two Small Silver Stars
What about my MW2 rep suggestion? a lot of people liked that and it was a neat concept.
[Image: DuAPMQq.gif]
One Large Gold Star

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