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[DARKRP] Winter Soldier's Respected App
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Steam name:
Winter Soldier

Steam ID:

Steam Community Link:
(It's a song name trust me)

In-game name:
Rob Castle

Time played on server:

How old are you?:

Who is the owner of 5HeadGaming?:

Who are the Head Admin?:
Dislike & KitKat

Why do you want the rank of respected?:
I want the rank of respected to further myself within the community, a stepping stone you could say,
a great way to delve deeper in 5Head without actually taking an administrative role.
It's also pretty fancy

Why do you deserve respected?:
I think so far I've made a good impact on the community, and I look forward to continuing my posts (and comic)
With a few ban requests (and no doubt more to come) under my belt, I think have a firm understanding of the in-game rules.

As a respected, what can you do to benefit 5HeadGaming?:
Besides writing some smackeroonies of ban requests, I believe I can provide some sweet community interaction on the server.

In your own words, define respect:
I guess a sense of admiration, easier to be seen as a community member with a rank of Respected.

In less than 50 words, tells about you as an individual:
I consider myself a positive and creative person, I love to draw dumb things and build things in Gmod completely filled with garbage.
If I'm not playing video games I'm usually makin subways  Cool

What are the following, and explain them: RDM, NLR, and RDA:

Random Deathmatch: Killing without reason or warrant.
New Life Rule: After being killed, forget the events that just occurred, AKA your murder.
Random Arrest: Government official arresting without reason or warrant.

Provide and explain 3 server rules: 
No Invisible Props: Unable to make cameras and props invisible to stop deception & trolling.
Don't Hack: This isn't Watch_dogs, leave the scripts home to keep even ground. 
Do not order a Hit without reason: To order an assassination on a persons life, you need a proper reason, to stop certified RDMers.

Bonus Questions:

Would you rather remain respected for 2 months, or skip respected and become an admin? Why?
Remain Respected.
I'm interested in playing some roleplay and being involved in the forums, with administration rights to the extent of writing ban requests.

Will you introduce your friends to 5HeadGaming?
If anyone is looking for a community rather forums or Garry's Mod, then yeah for sure!

Situational Questions:

You witness player one, verbally abuse player two. As a respected, what actions do you take? Justify your answer
Attempt to help player two, if it gets serious, rather message an admin through @ or record evidence for a report or witness reply.

You witness someone fail to abide by ‘FearRP’. What is ‘FearRP’ and what can you do as a respected in response to this?
FearRP is when your life is put at fear, for example being mugged at gunpoint. Following proper roleplay protocols means you value your life, thus following the demands.
If someone breaks FearRP, remind them of the rule and explain it, if it continues then record evidence and report.

There is no admin(s) available (online), a player is killing everyone in sight including yourself. How can you deal with this player on the server, and how can you assist staff in this incident?
Firstly recording the offender's STEAM ID with either status or a screenshot of the scoreboard and secondly either video recording the situation or screenshotting the console for evidence reporting.

You witness an admin abuse their powers and threaten you to remain quiet. Provide steps in how, as a respected, you can deal with this?
Again, take note of the abusive actions taken and collect as much evidence as I can, perhaps contacting another admin.

You are in a sit, and have been told false rules by an admin. Being knowledgeable of the rules as a respected, how do you respond to this admin? Justify your answer
An admin is in his position for reason, clarify the rule and why he has taken that route, and a reminder of the actual rule.

I, Winter Soldier, acknowledge the requirements and prerequisites that are required to become the rank of 'Respected' in the community. I will not abuse my powers or behave in such a way to compromise the reputation of this community or its members. I will strive to make the community a better place for every member.
[Image: image.gif]
One Small Silver Star
+1. I don't write on many respected or admin applications but I have been impressed with you submitting ban requests with great supporting evidence. Hopefully this will lead onto something else.
Also, app is very well written.
Three Small Silver Stars
+1, exactly what Snooker said. If you get respected you can help the server even more!
[Image: cYhMf3O.jpg]
Four Small Silver Stars
+1 althought i don't play dark rp much, i've seen how much you have helped with things like ban requests and such. Goodluck
[Image: ZcXOXFs.png]
Three Small Silver Stars
I have not seen you On DarkRp at all but like snooker said for someone to get multiple people banned for breaking the rules clearly deserves a shot at respected. Good luck dude and I hope to see you around +1
[Image: buwIsGV.gif]
Three Small Silver Stars
+1 seen him in game always helping out, always telling admins who to keep an eye on when they come on the server, Always has great supporting evidence. Would make a great admin, So defenite +1 for respected.
[Image: kB99Vir.png]
Two Small Silver Stars
+1 Good ban requests and lots of them. When I see you on DarkRP you act nice and friendly. Deserves it.
Three Small Gold Stars
-1 hacking rep theres no way he got so much so fast

+1. Seen you on a bit and you're friendly and have a nice terrorist workshop. You're good at making comics and ban requests and would definitely make a nice addition to the Respected team.

Quote:Provide and explain 3 server rules: 

Don't Not Hack
[Image: qLH6AdS.png]
Two Small Silver Stars
+1 Your an excellent member of the community especially due to your helping out with the multiple ban requests and also providing evidence on those, your also a very good help on the server as you would point out rule breakers as soon as they are found.
[Image: 6Ku2AHm.png]
Two Small Silver Stars
Ask a super+ when you're on the server to get your rank.
[Image: H62jM7S.jpg]
Three Small Silver Stars

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