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[OFFICIAL] Forum Rules
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This is the official 5Head Gaming Forum Rules Thread. These rules apply to every user of the forums regardless of rank. 

Severity Scale
As expected, not all rules will have the same repercussions as the severity of the rule fluctuates greatly from rule to rule. Thus, the management team has created a severity scale to easily show the consequences of breaking the rules. The scale goes as follows

Please note, repeat offenders will be moved a position down on the list to a more severe punishment. (Break a level 4 rule twice and you get a level 7-8 punishment)

These rules are minor and are generally due to mistakes rather than a malicious nature, due to this, the offenders are normally given a verbal warning and taught about their mistake. However if the incident is repeated then their warning level will increase and there may be post moderation.

These rules are generally more severe and offenders will not be given the original verbal warning but rather the initial warning level and in extreme cases banning of up to a day.

The rules under this category will often merit a ban of some kind if broken. The most severe punishment will often be up to three months or longer, however the standard (if it is neither a repeat offender nor extremely deliberate) is around one to two weeks.

General permanent ban, some cases will be reduced if the offender is repentant or very mistaken.

Permanent ban on the level of Kyle, Loop, Jaymo, etc.

General Rules

a1.0 - Don't discriminate.
a1.1) Don't discriminate race. (e.g. racial slurs towards users, racially insensitive; avatars, usernames, signatures, etc., racial abuse towards users/staff.) 8
a1.2) Don't discriminate religion. (e.g. offensive religious slurs towards users, religiously insensitive; avatars, usernames, signatures, etc.)7
a1.3) Don't discriminate nationality. 6

a2.0 - No bullying.
a2.1) Don't harass users.5
a2.2) Don't create or distribute negative rumours of/about users. 7
a2.3) Don't create, assist or join hate groups against users. 8
a2.4) Don't threaten users. 4
a2.5) Don't share personal/private information of/about users without their will. 9
a2.6) Don't insult users. 3

a3.0 - No mature content on public forums. (Keep it PG+13)
a3.1) Don't share/distribute pornography or sexual content. 9
a3.2) Don't share/distribute gore or death.8
a3.3) Don't promote/share/distribute illegal operations/activities/material. (e.g. drugs, theft, violence, etc.) 6

a4.0 - Don't create or use Alternate accounts.
a4.1) Don't create/use alternate accounts to avoid punishment. 9
a4.2) Don't create/use alternate accounts to access different perms. 8

a5.0 - Don't impersonate other users.
a5.1) Don't set username to mimic that of a fellow user. 2
a5.2) Don't impersonate staff members to gain permissions. 4

a6.0 - Don't ask for reputation points from users. 3

a7.0 - Don't willingly exploit NewPoints/Heads system. 
a7.1) Don't trick or harass users to give you Heads. 3

a8.0 - Don't  bring 5Head Gaming into disrepute. 9

Shoutbox Rules
(All rank 4 in the severity scale)

b1.0 - Don't spam.
b1.1) Don't post consecutive shouts more than 4 times.
b1.2) Don't post identical shouts more than 3 times.
b1.3) Don't post unintelligible/nonsense shouts.

b2.0 - Don't advertise.
b2.1) Don't promote foreign communities or their content & services.
b2.2) Don't promote products to sell.

b3.0 - Don't discuss/promote applications, appeals, requests or reports.
b3.1) Don't post links to threads mentioned on Rule b3.0
b3.2) Don't promote users staff applications.

Staff Rules
(Most of these will result in demotion in addition to forum punishment)

c1.0 - Don't abuse permissions.
-c1.1) Don't use permissions to punish users unfairly. 8
-c1.2) Don't use permissions or influence to gain from the community.7
-c1.3) Don't use permissions/position to abuse users. 8

c2.0 - Don't expose admin exclusive information.
c2.1) Don't share or leak admin only content with non-staff members. 10
c2.2) Don't share or leak personal/private information about users.10
c2.3) Don't share or leak admin details to other communities.10
c2.4) Don't share information about staff members from admin only sections.10

c3.0 - Don't abuse/harass/bully staff members.
-c3.1) Don't create social groups between members of staff.7
-c3.2) Don't use position to abuse, harass or bully staff members.8
-c3.3) Don't threaten the demotion of staff members.6
-c3.4) Don't blackmail members of staff.10

c4.0 - Don't abuse/harass/bully users.
c4.1) Don't use your powers to threaten/blackmail users.9
c4.2) Don't share users private information without permission.9
c4.3) Don't publicly humiliate/embarrass users.7

Signature Rules
d1.0 - Abuse
d1.1) You abuse it you lose it
d1.2) Maximum Signature height of 300px
d1.3) Edgy/NSFW signatures are not tolerated

*Note that these all apply to the GameHub

5Head Gaming Forum Rules is subject to change. This thread will be updated regularly. Be sure to keep an eye on any updates.

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Thank you for reading Smile

If you'd like to suggest any changes to the forum rules, do so in the suggestions section.
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Please take note, the font will be fixed soon and the numbers colour coded.
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